The Biggest Blogging Mistake For Beginners

My First Blogging Experience

December 15, 2019, was the first day I decided to start creating a blog. At that time I wanted to try to make a blog because I wanted to try to make money online. But like all beginners, I also make the biggest mistakes in beginner blogging. I hope you don’t make the same mistake after reading this article.

The thing that really caught my attention at that time was Affiliate Marketing. Maybe for those of you who don’t know what Affiliate Marketing can read about Affiliate Marketing.

In short Affiliate Marketing is a commission system that we can follow in various programs. Starting from international products such as Apple, Amazon, Wix and so on.

At that time, I happened to read about ways to make money through the internet and Affiliate marketing was one that really caught my attention.

So I thought that just by being a broker on the internet, we can earn a lot of money. But to start Affiliate Marketing we need a website.

Actually there are several affiliate programs that allow us to join without having a website. But most companies make the rules that we must have a website. Or at least Landing Page / Funnel to be able to join their affiliate program. This is because they want to know if we really are reliable sales.

I started to make a website

To meet these demands, I chose to create a website. Maybe we can sell some products without a website, but this will be very difficult for us in the future because we have to continuously offer a product to others, and this is not what I imagined or dreamed of.

My dream is that I can get a commission or income. Without me having to continuously offer these products to hundreds or even thousands of people. A kind of passive income, where we don’t need to work or work only once but money can flow by itself.

But even though I decided to make a website, many problems arose and one of them was How to Make a Website Easily. Although at the time of writing this content I was a Computer Science student and I understood HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. But still making a website from 0 is not easy and it takes a very long time. Especially as a student I still have to divide my time to do homework and study for the exam.

The Biggest Mistake While Blogging

Thinking Starting Blogging Is Easy


I started trying to find other alternatives to create a website. At that time my main goal was just to create a website where I could put a link “my affiliate. And after doing research for several days I decided to start making a website using Wix. Why did I decide to start creating a website with Wix? The main reason is because of the ease and appearance that is very user-friendly alias very easily understood by users.


I started creating websites on Wix without basic knowledge of Website Marketing. I think by making a website and making content or reviews about the products that I want to market. It can make my website seen by many people. So the possibility of people willing to buy the product that I offer them will be greater. But the reality is not as beautiful as expectations.


To illustrate that making your website known to people “is not easy. There are about 1.5 billion websites in the world. And I foolishly thought that writing content on my website would make me rich easily. There are still many things that need to be learned and managed. Starting from SEO, Alt Text, making titles that match the trending keywords and much more. I also need to learn how to increase traffic (visitors to our website), page views and others.


Long story short, because of my impatience, I experienced various kinds of difficulties that should not need to happen. For example, in a hurry to publish my website even though I don’t have a clear view of what content I want to focus on.

This resulted in me frequently changing the look of my website and consuming a lot of time. This is the Biggest Beginner Blogging Mistake.

Junk Content

junk content

Biggest Blogging Mistake is Making Junk Content

Another Beginner’s Biggest Blogging Mistake is creating junk content. I have done this too! I used to create poor quality blog content (which is important so). This affects my SEO on google so that it makes it hard for me to rank up. The content that I created at that time was also very random. Not focused on what field to discuss on my website.

This affects Google’s search system and makes it difficult for Google bots to detect what category/genre my website is. That caused my website to not be able to excel in any field, and more precisely it did not excel in any field. Because Google can’t understand the contents of our website.

I made a lot of mistakes as a beginner when I started creating a website/blog. Therefore, I share my experience so that you do not make mistakes that I did when starting blogging. The point is just to be patient, and honestly, that is one of my weaknesses.

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How to Avoid the Biggest Blogging Mistake

It’s true that money is important, but let me tell you something, blogging is difficult.

Biggest Blogging Mistake is focusing on money

Making money with a blog is even more difficult. Oh yes, you certainly find lots of “how to start a blog in 10 minutes”. Or, “make money blogging” guides and e-books. But the reality is that it’s not that simple.

The Biggest Mistake Blogging Beginners only focus on money

In fact, when you start, you won’t even get income or get traffic at all. (consider yourself lucky if you achieve it from the first week).

Of course, there are many content marketing case studies out there where experienced bloggers manage to generate thousands of visits.

And claim they done it in the same month when they launched a new blog. But remember, they are experienced.

If you are beginners or starting your first blog. You will probably experience all the challenges that I face (and still face).

You also might make the Biggest Blogging Beginner’s Error. Unless your blog is a multi-author blog with experienced bloggers.

But from mistakes, we can learn many new things. The Best Teacher Is Experience.

And another thing is about the future of blogging. Blogging will not die. But if you pay attention to one of the so-called blogger teachers. Then you will see that they are no longer focused on content creation.

90% of content creation and 10% of promotions have been successful in the past (also works today). The problem recently has been found another way to achieve success with only 10% content creation and 90% promotion.

That is why most of them focus on brand building and promotion (content farm).

I say “content farm” because there are many of them who advocate for professional blogging. But what they actually do is run a “content farm”. Namely, recruit a dozen content creators and publish many blog posts every month. Just to keep their blog active and not necessarily because they want to share something.

What you have to realize is the fact that blogging is NOT a kind of get rich quick. It could be a hobby, full-time job, business, or whatever. After all, it is something that requires a lot of effort, patience, and perseverance.

And blogging isn’t all about getting money or traffic. This is about you too.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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