When Will iPad Pro 2020 Release

iPad Pro 2020 release date

The next generation of iPad Pro 2020 could have a mini-LED screen and a new chipset.

Apple’s iPad Pro could be in for a major upgrade in 2020, with the latest report suggesting that we’ll see a new iPad Pro model with a mini-LED screen and an A14X chipset.

That claim comes from Ming-Chi Kuo – an Apple analyst with a great track record – in a research note seen by MacRumors. He added that the screen will be 12.9 inches and that the tablet will launch in the third quarter of 2020.

This isn’t all new information, as Kuo has previously talked about an iPad Pro with a mini-LED screen. It’s a tech that can allow for thinner, lighter screens, and less risk of burn-in than with OLED.

In this latest report, Kuo also said that a mini-LED display would “significantly improve productivity and the entertainment experience”, although he didn’t explain how.

One interesting thing is that Kuo has also said to expect a new iPad Pro model in the first half of 2020.

iPad Pro 2020 release date

So that means we could get two iPad Pro launch next year. Perhaps the first release will be the 11-inch size as the successor to the iPad Pro 11(2018), and the second with the new mini-LED screen tech, a larger 12.9-inch screen, and a likely much higher price tag.

We are also expecting that the new iPad Pro model will come with a new 3D sensing camera. Moreover, it might also gain 5G connectivity.

If you’re interested in cheaper alternatives, read about the 10.2in iPad that launch in September 2019, and the new iPad Air 2020 rumors.

Kuo also published predictions in mid-October 2019 that show the iPad Pro as coming in Q1 2020.

iPad Pro 2020 Price

What will the next iPad Pros cost? We predict they will start at £769/$799 – the same price as the 2018 models, although it’s possible that you may get more storage for your money.

Even though there have been a few major price bumps in recent years but it might be caused either because of the currency fluctuations related to Brexit, or those wholesale redesign of the 2018 iPad Pro models. This time we hope that the prices will stat close to the previous generation.

However, there is one reason why prices might increase. There have been suggestions that in response to increased Chinese traffics Apple may hike the prices of various products. Hopefully, Apple won’t push this increase onto consumers though.

Here’s the full price list for the 2018 models.

ipad pro 2018 full price

We expect similar pricing for the next generation, although the 64GB storage tier may disappear. If so, we would hope and expect the new entry-level – presumably 128GB – to roughly match the price of the old 64GB tier.

iPad Pro 2020 Design

After extensively redesigning its Pro lineup for 2018, it is sad to say that we won’t get a full redesigned iPad Pro for 2020. Apple tends to be conservative, design-wise, and after shrinking the bezels and removing the Home buttons it’s likely to keep things broadly the same for at least a couple of generations now. However, the new iPad Pro might be thinner and we are also expecting it will decrease the notch size.

Conversely, we can’t see Apple shrinking the bezels any further than it already has (in an attempt to more closely ape the almost all-screen look you get on the iPhone X and XS) because iPad users tend to be more attached than iPhone users to a physical ‘grip’. Apple can add palm-rejection tech as much it likes; people will still dislike leaving sweaty hands- and finger marks on their screens.

What is likely to change on the new iPad Pro 2020 is the camera layout on the back.


Even though the cameras on the iPad Pro haven’t received much love in recent iterations, although they are always likely to be a lower priority here than on the iPhones (which are size more suited to photography).

We would expect Apple to bring back the OIS feature and we may get a megapixel bump at last, since Apple is partnering with Samsung it may also come with an incredible 108 Megapixel camera sensor that Samsung is currently producing, but we are not sure about that either.

The Bloomberg also mentioned, along with other reports, claim the new iPad Pro will have some new camera tech, specifically a Time of Flight system that will be able to judge the distances between items in front of you and then map out a 3D reproduction of the space. This should be useful for AR games and applications.

The new 3D system may be set to arrive on the 2020 iPhone. It may also bring features like the Portrait photography mode to the iPad Pro. this new camera technology is likely to have an application in AR, rather than being used to take 3D photos of our friends and surroundings.

Wish List for New iPad Pro 2020


In April 2019 Kuo report that we’ve mentioned before in this article is that Apple is currently developing an iPad Pro with 5G capabilities, unfortunately, it won’t be released until after the much-anticipated 5G iPhone. 2021 is rumored to be the release date for the 5G iPad Pro.

Wondering what 5G is and how it’ll affect you? We’re still in the early days of the rollout – as far as the UK is concerned, EE launched its 5G network in May 2019, and Vodafone followed in July – and coverage remains patchy. But if and when you can get 5G in your area, you’ll see much faster cellular connection speeds.

In pre-launch lab tests, 4.5Gb/s or even higher was achieved, but in the real world, you can expect between 10 and 20 times faster speeds than is currently possible with 4G. Tech Advisor’s real-world EE testing found that speeds “would consistently hit between 150-400Mbps”.

Removed Camera Bump

It baffles us that so many iPhones and iPads now have rear cameras that stick out noticeably, making it obligatory to use a case or refrain from putting your device on a hard surface. But this strategy has been pursued for so long (the iPhone 6 was criticized for its bump) that we’re starting to suspect that Apple either doesn’t care to change it, or doesn’t know how to without making fatal compromises elsewhere.

Regardless of this, we find it a shame to have to hide the iPad Pro’s beauty in a drab covering, especially when the rear camera is such a low-priority inclusion.

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